Monday, July 14, 2014

June busted out all over and straight into July!

     I feel as if I made the mistake of blinking at the beginning of June, and all of the sudden we are halfway through July! This summer has slipped past me when I wasn't looking, and I'm not ready to give it up yet.

     I was promoted a second time at work in June, and while I am truly grateful to be so appreciated and rewarded at my job, it feels as if the new work load has eclipsed all other aspects of life for the past month and a half. I haven't had time to step back and really register how things are going these days.

     It is as if I have just recently taken the blinders off, take a look around, and realized, "Okay, I'm finally feeling less stressed at the day job, but I've neglected my passions..."

     Survival mode has gotten me through a lot of crazy times in my life, but just managing to make it through an 8 hours shift and then desperately trying to keep up with chores and laundry every week is not particularly fulfilling.

     Audition season is inching closer every week, and if I don't regain my focus, it will sneak up on me before I'm ready. The balancing act between working to survive and finding time to sing has definitely become tricky this summer, but I'm determined to do my best to get out of the daily grind mode and remember why I moved out here in the first place!

     I've also been battling with the other dilemma we singers face...waiting! Some performers fear the audition itself, but what I hate more than anything is waiting to go into the audition and even worse is waiting to hear back from the company! I understand that with so many singers auditioning for companies it is almost impossible for each of us to get a response, but it is maddening when you simply don't know. I'd much rather get the rejection email than nothing at all because at least I know where I stand.

   Obviously on a related note, the few auditions I did earlier this year are still up in the air. No responses... I'll be sure to keep you posted of course.

    All this ranting would lead one to believe that my summer has been all work and no play, but luckily I have Andy to make sure I take the time to decompress when I can on the weekends. We've been exploring NYC one parade at a time, and I promise that I will be posting about my favorite soon...