Monday, April 14, 2014

Cupcake Crawl: Sweet Revenge

     I know! I'm a total slacker when it comes to blogging. In my defense, I've been pretty well booked with opera rehearsals and work this month (not to mention trying to take care of an ailing Andy this past week). I like to think that those are all valid excuses... To assuage, my guilt, however, I have determined to finally update the blog!

     Now I know that this is technically a Cupcake Crawl post, but my latest cupcake venue discovery has made a complete addict of me. Working down near the West Village has its perks and dangers, and I consider Sweet Revenge to fall in both categories.

     The danger lies mainly in the fact that the bar is a mere block away from work, making it far too tempting to drop in during my lunch for a coffee and meal or during happy hour for a cupcake.

     The perks, of course, are all the readily available and delicious bake goods that I can procure on my way to the subway whenever I so choose. How can a girl with a sweet tooth complain about that?

     Sweet Revenge has found the perfect combination of two of my great culinary loves: booze and cupcakes. They even have a happy hour that caters to this with a beer/wine and cupcake combo deal in the evenings! I mean, I'm all for sipping on a latte or cocoa with my dessert, but a post-work potable makes for a way more satisfying compliment to a sweet treat.

     The menu is even specially tailored for pairing drinks with cupcakes. On the front, there is a detailed list of the four standard cupcakes as well as all the specialty flavors. On the back, however, there is a thorough chart which lists a wine and beer pairing for every individual cupcake. Examples of such pairings can be found here.   So far the menu hasn't led me astray when it comes to choosing the right drink to balance my baked good of choice.
     Aside from the awesomeness of booze and dessert combos, Sweet Revenge would have won me over for the cupcakes alone. They have a moist consistency that I love, and I enjoy that there are signature flavors I can fall back on as well as a multitude of new specialty flavors to discover.

     So far I have tried the Pure, the Dirty,the Cafe Mocha, the Dulce de leche, and the Black & Tan, as well as tasted Andy's favorite and the bar's signature cupcake the Sweet Revenge (aka peanut butter). All were delicious, and I can't wait to try more flavors in the future.

Cafe mocha cupcake with a chocolate stout. Decadence!

    Aside from getting my sugar fix at Sweet Revenge, I've also found a nice little lunch spot where I can cozy up with a latte and a light meal for an hour. I love sitting in the sunny window seat and getting out of the office for a little while.

     One of the first things that intrigued me about the bar was their chalkboard sign out front that enticed me with a never before seen brunch item: RED VELVET BELGIAN WAFFLES. Um...I love red velvet cake...and I love YES PLEASE.

     I finally treated myself to this decadent red delight for my birthday lunch (or in reality, Andy made a surprise appearance during my lunch hour and treated me to some birthday waffles), and it was everything I hoped it would be. I'm making myself hungry just looking at this photo again!

    Well, I think perhaps I have gushed about Sweet Revenge enough for one entry, but they got me. I'm a total addict. I foresee many waffles, wine, cupcakes, and beer in my future. Feel free to join me sometime!

    More posts to come in the near future I swear! Our performances with Bronx Opera are swiftly approaching, and I promise I will share more details about La Traviata as we get closer to those dates.

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