Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scenes from Central Park

     So much has happened in the past week, and I just don't have the time to write about all of it in one go! For my sanity's sake then, I've decided to just focus on one of my new favorite locations in New York: CENTRAL PARK.

     I have ventured into the park numerous times already, and I've only just explored a small portion of the city's biggest patch of green. During my wanderings, I have encountered all sorts of interesting sights and people, including two wedding parties being photographed in which the couples looked like eerily identical pre-teen brides and grooms...

      Luckily, I have my unofficial NYC tour guide, Andy, to show me around the park sometimes. We even managed to stumble into a filming site one day and didn't realize until an official looking man in a hat instructed us to keep walking toward the lights that something was amiss. After we got out of their way, we turned around to watch. Much to our surprise, we had inadvertently sauntered into the area where they were filming Lea Michele for Glee. Second celebrity sighting? Check!

     Above all, I enjoy Central Park because it is an accessible, relaxing place to go when I'm between appointments or just don't have any set plans for the afternoon. I've even used it as my practice space when I need to fit in a little mental rehearsal with my opera recording and score in hand. Sitting on a park bench and dramatically mouthing German lyrics probably makes me look mentally unbalanced, but New Yorkers seem pretty accustomed to crazy types in the park.

     I'm looking forward to venturing further into the park when I can and revisiting places that have already captured my heart. The Metropolitan Museum of Art alone demands that I return in the future. There's so much art I have yet to see! Once the leaves start changing and sweater weather sets in, I am sure it will be even more gorgeous. Numerous autumn strolls are in my future!

     I will try to update you on more of my New York excursions when I can, but this next week may be a little hectic because...I FINALLY LANDED A JOB! It is such a relief to be employed, and while I won't be as free to wander the city, I am kind of looking forward to a more set schedule and definitely eager to have an income.

     Thank you to everyone who was sending positive vibes my way during my job hunt. I am so grateful to have found work this quickly, and without the support of my friends and family, the wait would have been even more unbearable. (A special shout out to Andy who spent many nights via text message telling me not to stress out and that I would find a job in no time. Late night job hunt anxiety leads to insomnia!) Things are starting to fall into place for me, and I can't wait to share more with you all!

     Just as a reminder (because I'm a singer and have to promote myself at every opportunity): I will be singing in New York Lyric Opera Theatre's Mozart Concert next Saturday, September 28th!!!! If you want to hear me saving Tamino from a monster and handing out magical musical instruments as the First Lady, please contact me immediately so I can get you on the will call list. Email me if you're interested! I'd love to have your support at my NYC debut!


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