Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Blogger Guilt and Giving New Opera a Chance

     I have been overwhelmed with blog related guilt lately. I know I've been neglecting my duties here, and I'm sorry. As life in NYC progresses forward, I've been trying to lay low a little more and save money. That in combination with the decline in temperature makes it seem much more appealing to curl up on the couch and watch Doctor Who instead of venturing out to explore the city.

     The few adventures that I have had recently I have not done the best job of documenting. I simply don't remember to take pictures of events in my life! I promise I will remedy this issue in the future. In the meantime, I'd like to share a bit about one of my recent little outings with you.

     While my friend Becky was in town for an audition, she was kind enough to let me tag along with her to an event hosted by the New York Opera Alliance. It was fascinating to get a taste of so many local opera companies which I expected but also to get a sample of many new operas which was a pleasant surprise. I don't have time to talk in depth about all the amazing companies that are putting on so many exciting new works in the NYC area, but I will focus on a few of my favorite discoveries.

1. The Indie Opera Podcast

     I was fascinated just by their promo video, and anyone who makes fun of Beethoven's Fidelio like that has won me over.

2. The Dwarf

     This was one of the few humorous scenes of the modern opera medly. Man, new operas are depressing! This quirky, fun show being produced by Vertical Player Repertory is definitely on my to do list.

3. Dog Days

Dog Days from Beth Morrison Projects on Vimeo.

     This new opera, written by composer David T. Little, and produced by Beth Morrison Projects looks totally gut wrenching and captivating. I really wish it was still being performed right now!

     If nothing else, attending this event has reaffirmed that there is so much exciting growth in the opera genre happening at this very moment. New works never cease to amaze and intrigue me, and while I may not have been a fan of every piece of music we heard that afternoon, every scene got me to think critically about the art form and what the future may hold for it. My curiosity will never cease, and for all you aspiring opera composers out there: Keep it coming! I want to see more!

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